Kaduna Economic & Investment Summit
5-6 April 2017
Kaduna, Nigeria


The Kaduna Economic & Investment Summit, 5-6 April 2017

KadInvest is the platform for demonstrating that Kaduna State is open for business. The state has demonstrated firm commitment to achieving sustainable economic growth by legislating to make it easier to do business, and aligning its budget to capital expenditure to build human capital and infrastructure. Kaduna believes that private investment is the best vehicle for job creation, and is eager to bring together the private sector, international development partners and development finance institutions to identify opportunities in the state and take the investment initiatives that create growth. Read More.

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kaduna State Government

Kaduna Invesment Promotion Agency (KADIPA)



To broadcast Kaduna State’s investment promotion messages to potential investors


Lift the profile of Kaduna State’s economy within the international investment community


Highlight opportunities for investment, joint ventures and trade in Kaduna


Target investors locally and globally, and engage them for short term, medium term and long term investment partnerships



07:30 - 09:00


Registering of speakers, guests and participants. Begins immediately at 7.30am and stops exactly by 9.00am
09:25 - 09:30

Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks
09:30 - 10:00

Unveiling KadInvest 2.0

Presentation- “Unveiling KadInvest 2.0: Making Kaduna The Investment Destination of Choice”
5 April, 2017

Tea Break

11:10 - 12:15

Plenary 1

Plenary Session 1: Investors’ Experience in Kaduna State
12:15 - 13:20

Plenary 2

International Partnerships for Sustainable Development
5 April, 2017


5 April, 2017

Gala Night

09:05 - 09:15


Recap of Day 1
09:20 - 10:25

Plenary 3

Technology Start-Ups, Sports, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship​.
10:25 - 11:30

Plenary 4

Economic Diversification for Sustainable Development​
12:00 - 13:05

Plenary 5

Development Finance​ in Sub-Nationals
13:05 - 14:10

Plenary 6

Regional Integration and Development of North-West States
6 April, 2017



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