Partnerships for Development

The Kaduna Economic and Investment Summit, 4-5 April 2018

KadInvest is the platform for demonstrating that Kaduna State is open for business. The state has demonstrated firm commitment to achieving sustainable economic growth by legislating to make it easier to do business, and aligning its budget to capital expenditure to build human capital and infrastructure. Kaduna believes that private investment is the best vehicle for job creation, and is eager to bring together the private sector, international development partners and development finance institutions to identify opportunities in the state and take the investment initiatives that create growth.

Kaduna State understands the critical significance of mobilizing domestic and international financial resources, leveraging international trade, and increasing international development cooperation in achieving sustainable development goals.

KadInvest 2018 

Kadinvest 2018 is a business-to-government and business-to-business conference that seeks to attract and retain increased private sector investments into Kaduna State and to provide a platform for bringing together leading local and international industrialists, financiers and bankers, policy makers and government officials, and young entrepreneurs alike.

The 2-day summit will promulgate the greater coming of Kaduna, and will thus build on the success of the previous summits, with patent attention given to recent successful investments (e.g. Olam) and policy reforms (Ease of Doing Business Charter) in the state. Discussions will include:

  • Ongoing efforts and next steps: KADIPA will be overseeing, coordinating, and implementing reforms to continue providing an enabling environment for businesses with after-market services to sustain and increase investment retention in the state.
  • How to further strengthen linkages between large-scale investors, financial institutions, MSMEs and innovation networks.
  • Comprehensive overview of opportunities available in selected priority sectors and local governments in the state.
  • Exploration of innovative policy regimes to incentivize the creation of diverse value-added commodity-based industries and understanding the importance of productive laborintensive industries to strengthen local communities and provide sustainable jobs for economic growth.

Justification for Summit

  • The previous summits have yielded results, hence the need to keep up.
  • Highlight the favorable business and policy environment created by the state for the private sector to thrive.
  • Showcase Kaduna’s achievements and aspirations to achieve prosperity based on the creation of jobs with a focus to unlock the full potential of the youth and women in particular.
  • Kaduna will put companies with huge impact potential in direct contact with a lineup of expert speakers, thought provoking topics and authoritative partners.
  • Provide greater exposure of bankable projects in the state to potential investors through exhibitions.

Purpose & Objectives

With an election year upon us, the primary objective of the summit is to set the pace for the deliberate dissemination of the state’s successful track record in the past 3 years in order to highlight the administration’s heightened commitment towards policy reforms and its results-oriented approach towards achieving its manifesto objectives of making a greater Kaduna the prime destination for investors.

In particular, the summit has the following objectives:

  • Facilitating mutually educational discussions and cross cutting networks between investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs to find ways to effectively leverage and mobilize their respective comparative investment advantage towards accelerating the state’s development.
  • Providing new opportunities for the state on its path to industrialize and creating opportunities for job creation for the state’s burgeoning youth population.
  • Preparing the ground for potential investments and articulating opportunities across priority sectors and local governments deemed critical to the state’s economic growth.
  • Empowering and incentivizing entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors (both local and international) through the continued provision of an enabling environment and ease of doing business grounded on the main focus of job creation.
  • Adopting and launching new policy frameworks such as the investment promotion strategy report and use.

Priority Sectors

  • Commercial Agriculture: Olam, Tomato Jos, Flour Mills Plc., Pulses
  • Agro-Allied Industries: GAAIZ, KADPMC
  • Mining: UBC, Artisanal Mining, Dimension Stones
  • Manufacturing: Green Economic Zone, Mahindra Tractor Assembly Plant, CAFBoard Factory
  • Hospitality: Shelter Suites, Sheraton
  • Human Capital Development: KADSTEP, KADEEEA, KADAT, KIFAC
  • Transport: Bus Mass Transit, Rail Mass Transit, PAN 2
  • Power:  Solar- Greenwich, Anjeed, En Consulting, Genesis/Jumpur & Access Power
  • Housing: 30 Private Developers for Affordable Housing Scheme

Target Audience

The conference is targeting international and local publicly quoted companies and major employers of labour with a capacity to inject billions of Naira in the state’s economy. It is expected that the summit alone will accelerate at least 5 large investment pipelines and actualize at least 3 existing pipelines.

Expected Outcomes

Focused on providing investors with knowledge, insights, and resources, the summit will address key financial topics, impact investment strategies, and perspectives on the state’s economy. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with MDAs through keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and round-table discussions.

The expected outcomes are as follows:

  • Heightened commitment and actions to expedite the implementation of the framework and guidelines for investments in Kaduna State;
  • Adoption of actions for high level engagement on implementation of quick wins.
  • Provision of opportunities for participants to experience a blend of visionary keynote presentations and panel discussions that will allow everyone to gain an insight into the approaches, processes and methods of investing in the state.
  • Participants benefiting from comprehensive educational discussions between investors, policy makers and entrepreneurs to showcase different aspects of the investment process including strategy, design, implementation and measurement of a sustainable industrial investment strategy.


KadInvest 2018 will be hosted by Malam Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, who will unveil the state’s Economic Agenda and Development Plan during the summit.

The summit is organized by Kaduna State Investment Promotion Agency – KADIPA. The mandate of KADIPA is to lead and coordinate all investment promotion activities undertaken by the State and to be the prime negotiator in finalizing deals with private sector investors on behalf of the State.

Working with key MDAs and related bodies, the agency provides a one stop service for large investors, including provision of information about investment opportunities, support for accessing land, local suppliers and other essential inputs and support for the bureaucratic steps involved in launching a successful business in Nigeria




The Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) and the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) are co-hosts of the summit.


The summit will run for two days, taking place on the 4th and 5th of April 2018, starting with an opening ceremony. The governor first, then renowned businesspeople of Kaduna State who have contributed to its growth will kick off the summit with insightful speeches to set the tone for the summit. Following this, the summit will continue with breakout sessions focused on targeted areas to enable investors to carry out in-depth discussion related to the sub-themes. A tour of key companies that are already making an impact on the state’s economic growth will also be showcased to potential investors. The next day will see another plenary session and breakout sessions, with a closing of the event in the afternoon.
Expert deliberations will be carried out with an exhibition from MDAs in their related sectors in order to provide the relevant information on investment opportunities in their respective sectors.

Investors that have signed up to Kaduna

  • UPDC: Investing in and Building an Ultra-Modern Mall
  • Olam: Poultry
  • Dangote: Tomato/ PAN Acquisition
  • Flour Mills: Maize and Wheat
  • Stallion: Rice
  • Indorama: Organic Fertilizer
  • Rapidacc: Mass Housing
  • Hydraform: Mass Housing
  • DraperDark Flow: ICT Hub
  • Coders4Africa: ICT Hub
  • Schneider Electric: Energy Academy