Matchmaking and Networking platform is aimed at matching investors with Industrial Park Projects, MDAs and private businesses from Kaduna State, so as to facilitate and promote business exchange between the Summit participants. There are three major elements –

Business Matching with Industrial Parks

Business Matching with State Ministries, Departments and Agencies

Business Matching with Private Businesses looking for investors.

Participants will now be able to look for their potential partners based on their business needs, with the aim of generating truly meaningful connections at the Summit.

Early Industrial development in Kaduna State, as part of post-independence economic investment programmes in the Northern Region, has seen her emerge as a leading industrial powerhouse of the region. Through deliberate government policy, significant investments by the Federal Government and the Commonwealth Development Corporation catalyzed the emergence of an industrial economy in Kaduna. Substantial public resources, including federal resources, were expended in providing the necessary infrastructure, notably railway and roads, to industrial layouts that had been carved to serve cotton textile mills meant for the regional markets in West Africa.

Kaduna State has over 80 commercial and manufacturing industries. Goods that are manufactured in the state include textiles, aluminum, dairy products, toiletries and petroleum products. However, industrial performance has been poor with the contribution of manufacturing to state GDP abysmally low at less than 2 percent. Agro-allied products that are being produced include dairy products, sugar, our and groundnut oil. Availability of hides and skins provides opportunity to set up leather and footwear industries. Investment opportunities exist in these and several other agro allied activities.

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Kaduna State has made a conscious effort to ease the business environment for both existing and potential investors, this has culminated in Kaduna State ranking number 1 on the 2018 Subnational Doing Business in Nigeria Report by the World Bank. As such, the Kaduna State Governmet is highly committed towards retaining its position and improving the business environment for investors and KADINVEST 5.0 is one of the avenues we have created for investors to have a one-on-one meeting with MDAs to solve all their problems instantly and for MDAs to collate vital information and suggestions from our valued potential and existing investors on ways to improve the business environment for them going forward in the State.

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