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Bad Cinderella Lyrics

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Bad Cinderella
Cinderella is the catty name that they call me
So sad, Cinderella
She's a loner, she's a loon, a loser that's all me

Girl from the gutter
Unpleasant peasant
No one, a nutter
Unwelcome present
Cruel taunts you mutter
Ev'ry insult that you utter makes me strong

Call me bad Cinderella, nasty girl, gutter rose
Your unkindness doesn't shock me
Barking mad Cinderella
Mock my hair and my clothes
And I hope I havе upset you
Well, forget you

Don't point your fingеr
Don't you judge me when you live in plexi-glass houses
You're cruel and you're foolish
With your trophy wives and interchangeable spouses

Cold and uncaring
Constantly staring
Solely concerned with
What you are wearing
Gossip and shopping
I'm the opposite of ev'rything you are

I am me, Cinderella
I’ve a style all my own
And I will not change it for you
Wild and free Cinderella
You can laugh, you can groan
If you think I won’t ignore you
I think “poor you”

They call me a wretch, a witch, well, choose one
Ev'ry fairytale, for sure, can use one
Sorry I'm so rude
Sorry you're so lame
I won't play your game

Call me bad Cinderella
I take pride when you sneer
I am proud that I’m not like you
Ironclad Cinderella
I face life with no fear
And a more than sky high IQ

Yes I’m bad Cinderella, I will not say goodbye
You’ve been hateful since I met you
Barking mad Cinderella, flying high in the sky
And I hope I have upset you
Well, forget you!

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