09:25 - 10:30

Plenary 3: Agriculture

Topic: Agriculture


Mr Audu Grema – Regional Coordinator of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development(DFID)

Preamble:   The Administration, both at the Federal and State levels has prioritized Agriculture with a view to diversify the Economy. This sector has seen tremendous growth in the last few years with over 7 million jobs created so far and livelihoods improved through the provision of low interest loan, better input apply and extension services.

ii. Dr. Audu Ogbeh – Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
iii. Dr. Manzo Maigari – Hon. Commissioner Kaduna State Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry
iv. Mira Mehta – Managing Director, Tomato Jos Limited
v. Samaila B. Maigoro – Managing Director, Falke Oil
vi. Kaduna Produce Management Company
vii. John Coumantarous – Chairman, Flour Mill PLC, Nigeria


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  • April 5, 2018
  • 09:25 - 10:30