11:10 - 12:15

Plenary 1

Plenary Session 1: Investors’ Experience in Kaduna State

Moderator: Ms. Yewande Sadiku Executive Secretary – Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission

Preamble: Kaduna recognizes its dual role and responsibility in creating a balance between safeguarding its residents from unwanted investors and relentlessly pursuing investors with investment policy measures that improves the standard of living of its people. This session aims to get direct insights from investors who have invested or expanded operations in the state.

i. Mr. John Coumantaros, Chairman KADPMC and Flour Mills, Nigeria
ii. Mr. Mohamed Issam Darwish – CEO, IHS Towers
iii. Mr. Simon Omotosho – Director – Africko Company
iv. Mr. Marcel Hochet – The CEO, Green Elec
v. Tarun Das, The Managing Director – Mahindra for Springfield Agro West Africa (Mahindra)
vi. Alhaji Yusuf Bashir – The President, Coders4Africa
vii. Mr. Mukul Mathur – The Country Head, Nigeria, Olam Foods Nigeria
viii. Mr. Michael Agbogbo, The Managing Director, Vicampro Nigeria    Limited




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  • April 5, 2017
  • 11:10 - 12:15